It was so relaxing to be just in the moment of the day we shot the first Seamone Swimwear lookbook and campaign in Bali. It felt freeing to just enjoy the energy without thinking about social media or checking my phone or trying to collect as much visual content as I possibly could. It was enough to feel the weight lifted off my shoulders to have a team I trusted there with me. I went into relax mode as soon as the first shot was taken, it felt like we had all worked together a hundred times before even though fate had only all bought us together only a few days previous.

We started the day with coffee at 'The Slow' in Canggu. With a basket of bikinis and amazing jewellery by Pakaria Powell we took a short stroll down the lane to Shirleys Temple Villa, where we where greeted by beautiful villa owner Emily. Who generously opened her space to us to get our lookbook images shot against her amazing concret walls, she was so very proud of. Then with half an hour to kill before our driver was picking us up, we managed to get a few shots in around the stunning villa pool that matched our Tarot Tartan print perfectly.

From there a scenic drive through the rice fields led us to our tropical beach location. Seseh Beach a deserted black sand beach with the odd fisherman pondering about the shoreline. We carried our gear down to a wall of moss and pandanus. It actually reminded me of home... the pandanus trees felt nastalgic like a merge between my home on the Gold Coast and Bali. We continued to wander shooting around the barnacle covered rocks and where white foam contrasts against black sand... we walked up further to a grassy beach front villa... with lush green grass and palm dress, deck chairs... a very secluded haven. With a family of cows and ducks over looking our production. Up a bit further north, green mossy mermaid rock pools awaited... where we where approached by local kids singing dancing and playing guitar... We could see a storm brewing over the ocean... we decided to head back to the rocks for those final last photos in the water. There was a moment where I just wanted to chuck on a bikini and get in the ocean too! But I had to stay professional ha ha. The clouds grew over the ocean as it typically does in the afternoons. As it started to rain it bought the crew a refreshing shower after the day in the hot sun. Sveta already wet from the waves continued dancing, unaffected by the down poor.... she looked so beautiful! You can see in some of the photos at the end of the shoot, the camera lens fogs up and the light dims to create a soft and natural mood. The raw images turned out perfect just as they where and have an effect that most editors strive towards. Paulius and Sveta where amazing together and needed no direction from me or each other. The shoot was natural just as I hoped for.

Before we knew it the day was over. All covered in black sand apologising to our driver for our black feet getting into is perfect car... "no problem, no problem"he assured us. It was home for a shower... to deserved cocktails in Seminyak and a stroll around the shops with the beautiful Mia... imagining that maybe Seamone will have a boutique of our own in Bali one day soon.

Founder & Creative Director of Seamone, Simone xx 

Photographer: Paulius Stefanovicius

Model: Sveta Kafafova

Jewllery: Pakaria Powel

Stylist: Simone Ainsworth

Makeup: Mia Lsa

Villa: Shirleys Temple, Canggu, Bali.

Location: Seseh Beach, Bali.

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