Our debut collection BLACK ROSE, inspired by music that has taught us to take risks and songs that have been there for us when we have needed understanding, each piece in this collection is named after an iconic woman in the punk culture. Some still here with us and some not, brave women who have expressed what it is really like to be a woman in this society and who have broken down walls for the rest of us. We wouldn’t be here, where we are now in the music industry or in the fashion industry, which coincide… if it wasn’t for them. It is evident now, more than ever that women are strong, women are powerful… equal. There is a new wave of international celebration, that celebrates the female body, celebrates the female success and celebrates the female voice. We want to empower women to wear our swimwear, and look incredible of course. However what we desire more, is for women to feel beautiful on the inside, to feel the freedom in the choices we make, to have a confidence that emerges from within first. From a place that is real and genuine.

We want Seamone Swimwear to be like that go-to love song or party anthem that makes you feel sexy, that makes you want to dance. Seamone swimwear will also be like that heart-break melody, that you can put on when you need to escape somewhere and be alone. These styles are dedicated to doing what we want, wearing what we want and being who we want. Seamone is about going against the grain and not following trends, but starting them. We want to send the message that swimwear isn’t just something we wear to serve the purpose of swimming in style…. It’s what we wear, when we are serving our mind, body and souls purpose. Be that in a exotic location relaxing, listening to our favourite band while we lounge in the sun. Or even in the darkest of moments, by ourselves on the beach with tears running down our face… we will always be perfect just as we are. 

The shoot is dark and its raw. It’s an insight behind closed doors, focusing on the inner emotions of a woman rather then her external appearance. In a world today that is highly focused on the media, supporting a mass produced fashion industry, so much has been lost in terms of originality and we are forgetting what is most important. Swimwear is a costume we wear to be closer to nature and to ourselves. We want to express a deeper side to our brand in the campaign that pays respect to all the challenges that has bought Seamone to life. The salt, sweat and tears. This has been a very personal journey for our designer and to create a mood through photography that shares some of the emotions that have in turn pushed and paved the way for this brand, would give it justice.

Our model has brown hair, she is delicate, beautiful. She is androgynous and individual. Her Seamone character is comfortable in her own skin and comes across sexual and provocative to the observer. Yet there is more to her that meets the eye, she is mysterious and although shy, she has so much to say. Her imperfections are perfections and her lips hold a thousand stories. Her eyes are smudged black, as if she has been crying… but she couldn’t look any more beautiful. She has lost everything and gambled her heart, left alone stranded. The location, is dark and gloomy, beaches of black sand and ancient rocks. Its stormy, and the waves are wild. The story tells, she is coming home from a night out after the concert, she lost a game of pool and felt the need to leave on her own. Her lover is lost and she is wandering the beach looking for him. The night had turned wrong and she starts to question her independent and rebellious lifestyle. She drops to her knees and begins to pray…but she can’t let go in the search for him. She finds a pile of washed up fishing nets, lies down and falls asleep… to the distant sounds of his guitar still echoing in her heart.

Founder & Creative Director of Seamone, Simone xx

 a person lying on the ground

Photographer: Paulius Stefanovicius

Model: Sveta Kafafova

Jewllery: Pakaria Powell

Stylist: Simone Ainsworth

Makeup: Mia Lsa

Location: Seseh Beach, Bali.

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