We went fishing for fabric... literally! From waste to wear, our innovative designs are made from the highest quality 100% regenerated Lycra. This might sound a little crazy but, to conserve precious resources our fabrics are actually made from post-consumer nylon waste such as old magic carpets and fishing nets that litter our oceans. Yes... fishing nets! The waste is collected and then transformed into virgin raw yarn to begin the process of creating our beautiful butter soft swimwear! Our fabric is manufactured in a green energy facility that works to reduce pollution, protect green spaces, preserve water, and monitor gas emissions. It is a bit of a long process and quite scientific to explain. However to summarise in partnership with Healthy Seas, ECONYL® is able to supply us with this incredible new technology in Lycra production. Whats interesting is the yarn has the same qualities as virgin nylon from fossil raw material and be recycled endlessly without any loss of material quality whatsoever. In fact its tested to be one of the highest quality and durable Lycras in the world.

We find it incredible that divers can actually dive down and recover ghost nets from the North Sea, Adriatic Sea and the famous Mediterranean Sea. These nets are often found on reefs and shipwrecks which are highly important places for marine biodiversity, so it also helps protect all the sea animals from getting caught up in them. Healthy Seas also collaborate with fishermen, fish farms, local communities and other stakeholders to prevent waste nets from ending up in the sea in the first place...Bless them! We are also working on creating an in-house recycling system with the left over scraps of fabric from our productions.

Seamone Swimwear is proud to join the campaign in cleaning up our oceans of marine litter. The beach is our home, we want to help preserve it, we hope to educate and promote the importance of picking up rubbish and recycling. It's our goal to get people asking more questions when it comes to the products they buy. We aim for sustainability, in both an environmental and an economic sense. With every new bikini we produce, we reduce the waste in our seas. But we also want to take responsibility in what happens to our swimwear at the end of its life, by asking our customers to recycle their swimwear and not putting it into land fill. Seamone also hopes to partition into creating a new recycling program in Australia, that encourages the government to take more action into the public recycling of recyclable fibres such as wool, nylon and polypropylene. As there are currently no commercial recycling facilities that recycle used carpets and rugs or fishing nets for the general public. Carpet is illegal to dump and it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas when decomposing. Instead we could be reusing all these fibres, to create new materials and at the same time lowering CO2 gas emissions, lowering energy use, lowering water use and lowering crude oil use. We need to form a stronger closed-loop production cycle for everything we humans manufacture before its too late. So please help us in spreading the message. Take the time to watch the videos below, they are so fascinating. Thank you.

Founder & Creative Director of Seamone, Simone xx

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