Searching for our first Seamone Swimwear muse was something that I had been considering for quite some time. It was really important to me that I begin this business with the right intentions and surround myself with the right people who embody a positive and grounded energy to be creative with... people in it for the art, people that show up and want to come to the party. I knew in my mind the girl I was searching for... a organic, natural, humble, sweet and modest woman... I guess even in a way someone who had similar qualities to myself, that would be able to express the story I wanted to tell in this debut collection. I wasn't looking for just a pretty face, or the girl with hundreds of thousands of followers and selfie count to match... I was looking with depth and soul, someone real and relatable. I flew to Bali with no model booked and only a few days left before the shoot was intended... I had to find someone. I wasn't too worried though, Bali always has a way of offering what you are searching for (plus we all know its a hub for beautiful people). I had many people working behind the scenes contacting and sending me images of the most amazing and beautiful girls....Myself being very hard to convince, I think people where beginning to think I was leaving it all too late and that I was running out of time. But I did not want to settle on just any girl. So when I came across Sveta's profile... I could tell straight away that she was the one, my heart was set on her. Our Seamone Muse is the girl next door, lives a nature based lifestyle, she has a big heart, cares about the environment, she does not seek attention, she is warm and approachable, she lives in the present. I was so lucky to have Sveta for the day too shoot Black Rose, it was such a pleasure. I actually don't think I have ever been in the presence of someone more naturally beautiful! She is classic and sophisticated, a little bit shy but behind a lens she transforms into a goddess with 70's style movements as if she is dancing like no one is watching.... actually I was speechless. Sveta truly embodies Seamone... you want to get to know her more, understand what she is about... where she comes from where she is going... she is mysterious and in her own world... a diamond in the rough, delicate yet independent. The shoot was intended to display a journey, of emotion and solitude. A raw connection to ones self... an explotartion of love, religion, freedom, desire and perhaps dispare in discovering what you believe to be real... sometimes is not. The shoot was totally raw... a cave as a change room... no makeup retouching, no directing... I just wanted Sveta to just be who she was in that moment... to feel out her own interpretation of Seamone Swimwear. Yeah she nailed it.

a person lying on the ground

Photographer: Paulius Stefanovicius

Model: Sveta Kafafova

Jewllery: Pakaria Powell

Stylist: Simone Ainsworth

Makeup: Mia Lsa

Location: Seseh Beach, Bali

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