A letter from our designer;

Dear loyal lovers,

Yes Seamone skipped a year... and to be honest it's a good thing! As I am sure everyone has been aware 20/21 has been a bump in the road for many small boutique businesses, including Seamone Swimwear. After 3 years and 3 collections as a one woman show, I decided to take a personal year off to focus on my mental health, work on other business ventures outside of fashion and to surrender to current situations that seem to be at focus in our society and planet.

I think it should be normalised in the fashion world to be transparent with followers and be honest with the situations, scale and sustainability of one's brand. I always wanted to express the fact that slow fashion is ok... to skip a season is not a sin in the fashion industry, we don't need to make new collections/products multiple times a year. A real designer should be able to take their time to create and release into the public with genuine purpose and without pressure. 

I believe everyone needs a little break, and sometimes slowing down can get us more ahead. I have learnt so much about business, myself and life through having Seamone. I am so proud of myself and how hard I have worked, how far I have come as an individual and artist. My confidence has grown, my heart has healed, my skills have advanced and my dual energies have balanced out. This journey has been so incredible and so eye opening... My passion for good sustainable design growing and my concern for the environment expanding.

When I started this label, my intention was for it to be small and to stay small. To design and develop limited edition beautiful pieces, each hand made and hand packed myself for a "designer to customer" service with no one in between. I am so delighted to now offer SABBATICAL SS22 as a nod to my first collection with a fresh, fun and current vibe. To me it nostalgically takes me back to the start of Seamone and all the priceless memories while at the same time truly excites me for this summer coming as I look at my life with so much gratitude and new inspiration.

Love you all, thank you for your understanding and support!

Simone xx


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