Living in tropical Queensland... it goes without saying we are truly blessed to have the world's most amazing beaches as our backyard. Having travelled around Australia numerous times... no place ever amazed us more then the tropical North Coast. Living on a tiny island on the Great Barrier Reef for about 8 months, educated us so much about the incredible eco system and the reef in turn taught us so much about life, how we are all here to survive and how we are all here to contribute something. Even the smallest sea creatures have a role to play in this sensitive world. We gained a huge appreciation for the environment especially the ocean... spending most of our time near the sea or in the sea. We believe looking to the future and the issues that surround the destruction of our seas and precious reefs goes far beyond just coral bleaching and polution. Being ocean aware spans from not just what we do in the ocean and on our beaches but also what we do on land in our everyday lives including what we buy and how we choose to consume.

Approximately 1.4 billion pounds of rubbish per year enters our seas. Dumped into our oceans... creating high levels of marine debris and microplastics, directly threatening marine life, including stress on coral reefs. Then there is global warming that humans also contribute to the environment, which is causing our oceans to heat higher, for longer. Around the world the depletion of oxygen in the water has created enormous coral grave yards, coral bleaching is spreading fast. Half of our earth’s coral reefs have disappeared in only the last 30 years! Meaning in another 30 years or less... life underwater could all be gone... We as a human race could potentially go down with the sinking ship also... We need the ocean to survive, It's vital to us, It's serious. Imagine if below the surface there was no more coral reef to explore, and all sea life as we know today then extinct... It's really sad and the the potential scale of such a serve unbalance in the world would be catastrophic. That is the reality of the global crisis we are facing if we all don't individually and globally take control and responsibility. We have passed the point of raising awareness; now it’s time for positive solutions. We must cut down carbon pollution and fight for renewables. We must limit or avoid waste, especially plastic. Plastic is poison to Mother Nature a complete design fail when there are so many better options. Recycling only helps so much, phasing out plastic all together must be the goal.


We hope to do all that we can to continue educating our customers, friends and family on the devastating affects on the fragile reefs of the world by sharing the importance of closed looped cycles and living a sustainable lifestyle. This a humble reminder to read our other relating posts, that might help you discover ways in which you can help #SAVETHEREEF

SUSTAINABLE WAYS: Where we talk about going plastic free for an insight into some of our everyday practices we adhere to here at Seamone as a small 'slow fashion' and eco conscious business. Also details on our plastic free packaging.

THE TRUE COST: Where we talk about the amazing documentary 'The True Cost' and the massive impact of the 'fast fashion' industry on the environment and also the people who make our clothes... plus some great ethical shopping tips. 

FISHING FOR FABRIC: Where we talk about our ethics in regards to how we source our luxe materials for Seamone. A really interesting way to understand the process of regeneration and the term 'waste to wear' in the swimwear industry.

If we all make small changes and efforts, they will make a greater difference to the bigger picture. Its imperative we all do something NOW. Please join us by subscribing for updates on our future posts and by signing the petitions and donating what you can on the following websites.

MODEL: Tahlia Cane
PHOTOGRAPHER: Simone Ainsworth
LOCATION: Bilinga Beach Abode
WEARING: Seamone Nancy & Lydia

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