We are aware that hunting for the perfect swimwear is quite confronting for some. Stripping down and trying something very revealing on that potentially you will wear in public. Yes it can be daunting, with insecurities, vulnerabilities and perhaps even fears brought to the surface. Here at Seamone Swimwear we want to change this perception and mindframe of our customers when it comes to shopping for new swimwear. We want our customers to have a enjoyable and supportive online shopping experience. It is our endeavour to celebrate all women, all shapes and sizes and the freedom we have in society. To be able to wear what we choose, that makes us feel feminine, confident, sexy and beautiful. Swimwear is very intimate and special, it 'just' covers our most private body parts. Swimwear keeps our sacred places safe, so we should really be aware and considerate when deciding what swimwear is best suited for us. Remembering any negative emotions that arise in our lives, even something as simple as self doubt while trying on swimwear. Is just a sign that there is opportunity to work on these parts of ourselves, and let go of all that is holding us back from our true and content being. Seamone understands how confusing swimwear shopping can be, so we have listed below a few shopping tips when it comes time for you to shop for new swimwear on our online boutique.

1. Start your new swimwear journey by loving yourself, loving your body, cherishing your temple. Appreciating the amazing gift of owning a beautiful and powerful female body! With positive affirmations every day, look in the mirror and smile, look in the mirror and say 'I look good! I am perfect just as I am'. Confidence must come from within, with an open heart and clear mind you will shine! Embrace who you are, and take conscious steps when self improving your inner or outer health if your not quite ready to show off your amazingness in swimwear just yet. Have respect for yourself and the path you are on, take your time to reach your goals by being in the present moment. Be kind to yourself as you transform and grow older, with acceptance that everybody is different. Have loving gratitude for the beauty in others and yourself without comparison. 

2. Consider your intentions for buying new swimwear. Think about what you value when it comes to making new purchases. Consider honestly why you need new swimwear, also what you need your new swimwear to deliver in terms of quality and longevity. Consider your swimwear moments and where you will be wearing your new style. How do you visualise yourself wearing your new Seamone piece? We hope you can see yourself looking beautiful, feeling happiness, attracting love, living in the moment. We hope you consider the environment and economic sustainability when purchasing new swimwear. Remembering Seamone Swimwear uses the most modern fabric techniques, utilising recycled yarn that is regenerated from discarded fishing nets. Designed to last longer then any other Lycra on the market. You can look good in the ocean while at the same time knowing your purchase has helped clean up the ocean too.

3. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience. Shopping for swimwear should not be rushed or stressful. Before hitting the checkout button, hit the relax button. Enjoy a detoxifying salt bath with essential oils, light a candle, have an intimate and quiet beautifying ritual. Afterwards nourish your skin with organic coconut oil, the scent that reminds you of summer. Look at your body naked, feel sexy, have gratitude for your uniqueness. Study your figure and notice all of your assets. Ask yourself... What swimwear do you feel would suit your body shape and your personality? What styles do you think would be most flattering and comfortable for you? What colours do you like, that suit your skin tone? What sort of sun tanning advantages or coverage would best suit your lifestyle? Are you happy to stick with cuts you regularly wear, or are you feeling brave enough to try something totally different?

4. Now you have an idea of what type of swimwear your looking for, its time to shop! Make a nice big cup of lemon tea, get comfy with your computer or device and enter our online boutique. Carefully browse our style images, colours and sizes. Noting that colours might appear different then actual depending on your screen. Read our descriptions and matching recommendations for separates. Remember to show off your shoulders with a bandeau, flaunt your cheeks in a g-string, accentuate your bust with a deep plunge. Follow our sizing chart, ensuring you use your measuring tape to check your size. Please take the time to read our shipping and returns information. Please also take the time to read our care instructions and fabric information. It's not every day you get to purchase new swimwear and spoil yourself, you deserve this, so soak it up! 

5. Once you have your items in your shopping basket, take the time to set up your account, for exclusive content and offers in the future. Setting up your personal account on our online store will also give you access to creating a wishlist and make your next purchase alot easier. Feel free to add a positive personal note in the checkout section, that will be included in your delivery as a handwritten card. It could be a lovely affirmation, a friendly reminder, a personal goal you want to achieve or a beautiful message if your gift giving. Please double check your item sizing, colour choice and shipping details are entered correctly. We appreciate your patience in waiting for your order to arrive to you. We wish you much excitement and pleasure in opening your package. We also encourage you to share your new treasure on social media and tag #seamoneswimwear so we can compliment you and see our swimwear in its new loving home. 

Founder & Creative Director of Seamone, Simone xx

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