Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with Seamone Swimwear, hoping you are just as excited as me to celebrate our debut collection. A lot of time and consideration has gone into the launch of this small business and I'm delighted in all the positive responses received so far, its very humbling. It's a good feeling when a goal and a vision becomes a reality. I am so happy to be here, to invite you to join me on this journey in creating beautiful pieces for your leisure. Seamone if its not obvious was a word play on my own name, it just came out of the blue when I was changing my personal Instagram name one day... I just wanted to have my first name but of course 'Simone' was already taken. So Seamone it was. Later on, trying to come up with a name for this swimwear business... I actually had no choice, crazy if I didn't... it had to be Seamone. Please pronounce it however you desire, every single person in my life and who I meet all have extremely different ways in saying my name. It's actually quite amusing, especially when I get called Simon. I just smile.

After working in the fashion industry for several years, having studied Small Business and also gaining Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Web Design and IT qualifications, it just felt like the right time to put all my passions into one. It feels like all the pieces of the puzzle have finally come together to create the bigger picture. Now looking back on my life I can appreciate all the life lessons I have learnt and all the experience I've accumulated that has brought me here to designing swimwear. 

I have always had an obsession with swimwear, I even remember when I was a teenager and my friends and I would wear our cotton G-stings to the beach because we couldn't find any swimwear to buy that was cheeky enough. Well that was long before online shopping, and over a decade before instagram! Look at where the swimwear industry is now... At last, finally swimwear has become an equal member in the fashion industry and its exciting! We can not wait to evolve Seamone, and see what the future holds. Swimwear is transforming, its now being seen off the beach, it really is a staple and multifunctional garment not to be underestimated.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact I live on the perfect Gold Coast, with the best beaches in the world (in my honest opinion). In summer, swimwear is my uniform. Bikinis and one pieces not only get me from A to B they get me from A to Z! I am so lucky to live in a country and a place where its totally normal to grab some groceries on the way home from the beach wearing a bikini, and no one bats an eyelid. I love it! Its so easy waking up in the morning, and chucking on something that will surely get me through until tomorrow morning, no matter where my little gypsy soul takes me. My wardrobe is very small and simple. A variation of denim jeans and shorts, black swimwear, white singlets... the possibilities are endless! with cowboy boots, lacey heels, studded belts, leather jackets. I have a combination for every occasion, and to me its easy. I can be pretty, proper or punk at the switch of a bag or hat!

I buy a lot of my clothes and accessories when I travel. This is going to sound silly but I love buying things that have dust on them! Because it really feels like treasure! I find pleasure in having to search for special things and the reward you feel when you find something unique and that really resembles your personal style. I love having custom pieces, it just adds so much more value knowing it was created with love, just for you, the person made it for you because you asked and they said yes, I don't like the thought of someone making something for me because that where forced too. At Seamone swimwear it is my goal to deliver that same feeling of having a handmade treasure that is a limited edition to our customers. They know who designed it, the story behind it, why it was made and where it was made. Swimwear is intimate, its the closest you can get without being naked in public, so it is important to me that the relationship I have with the swimwear I own is special. I take care of my swimwear, and I always buy swimwear to please myself, not others. I guess I have always found it hard in the past to find swimwear to buy, that has character, substance and a personality... another reason why I wanted to create Seamone swimwear.

We all have those bikini expectations… (we all have those airbrushed dreams of ourselves on a screensaver beach) and then we have our swimwear realities… (christmas day, always in a one piece...passed out on the lounge, totally bloated from eating an entire bowl of mums triffle). In saying that our debut collection is based on personal emotions and also my personal connection with swimwear…including a title bit of fantasy and a little bit of reality. I think about what I really do and where I really go when I’m wearing a bikini… I want to be realistic in what I design and why I am designing it. I want the mood to be authentic... that reflects the real environment that a bikini is worn. Raw. These are some of my favourite memories I have in swimwear...

-I'll go to a deserted beach in northern NSW and to spend time alone… I never take a bikini top, superfluous on a beach like that. Just tiny tanning bottoms and a big hat. I'll read, I'll write, I'll day dream, I'll think, I'll cry… I'll let the waves wash away all that does not serve me, and ill let the tides take my hopes and dreams out to the universe. The beach is my sacred place where I go to just be, to pray, to escape the world.

-I'll invite my girlfriends over to my 70’s pool surrounded by red bricks and honey suckle, they will always borrow my bikinis, they know exactly where to find my treasure chest of swimmers. We will lay around and talk about how dumb men are! We will pluck our bikini lines with tweezers, before getting ready for a night out in town... where we will contradict ourselves and hook up with dumb men.

-I'll meet a guy for a first date, an afternoon swim and transform myself into a goddess mermaid, always making sure I’m swimming between him and the sun, so the light shines from behind me. Tease him with seductive looks and little splashes… Then when we walk out of the water he lets me lead, and I know its just so he can check out my bum… For a moment I feel like the sexiest girl in the world… no make up, wet hair, salty… Just me and a tiny bikini. 

-I'll be driving around with my best friend in our bikinis, sunglasses on, music up. We are really sunburnt from being at the beach…We are hungry and thirsty. We decide to get sushi, park the car, wrap our sarongs around our waist and walk into the restaurant with sandy feet. We will sit there in silence as we pick plates off the train… in utter contentment in each others company and the fact we are looking super bronzed.

To me those are my main swimwear moments, they are plain and simple. Maybe your swimwear moment is going to the river, or the lake, maybe you like to do laps at the pool or fossick the rock pools, maybe you live on a boat, or you like to snorkel, maybe you put a towel out on the grass in your backyard to get some sun, maybe you are a model and travel to tropical locations weekly. Everyone is different, and everyones relationship with swimwear is unique also. My goal at Seamone swimwear is for our customers to buy with their true swimwear moments in mind, that are real to them and to really enjoy their pieces and themselves when wearing Seamone. I want our swimwear to be a beautiful embellishment to special moments in life.

I hope this gives a little insight into myself and what I am hoping to achieve, I hope you continue to follow and support Seamone. I appreciate any comments and invite you to contact me with any questions you have about myself or the brand. 

Founder & Creative Director of Seamone, Simone xx

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