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Our second collection SURRENDER, Crafted in premium Italian fabrics and introducing an exciting new technology that microencapsulates skin-nourishing antioxidants including Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.... works as the body activates the material, allowing the skin to be hydrated, soft and luminous. SS19 Is a simple collection with thoughtfully placed panels, quality handmade trims and romantic lingerie inspired tailoring. These limited edition separates spread over a romantically luxe palette including our new Antioxidant Infusion 'Sea Black', our gorgeous 'Sea Blue' magically made from recycled fishing nets and of course our much anticipated exclusive print 'Sea Jungle' that visually depicts our story of Surrender. Designed for those in an uninhibited and fearless pursuit of liberation and love.

The power of Surrender, and the art of allowing when we are graced with it, is a true gift. When we give ourselves the opportunity to feel the sea of life carrying us, taking us where we need to go, even though we have no idea where that might be. Often when surrender happens, we don’t trust that anything will take care of us, carry us, or show us the way, and that’s what makes surrender so unthinkable. When we do finally let go of the helm, acknowledge our absolute not knowing, the most remarkable opportunities and lessons appear on the horizon. Surrender, at its core, is the willingness to meet life as it is, to stop fighting with or trying to change what is so, right now. Surrender isn’t something that our minds can accomplish, but it is something that, with awareness, we can invite into our lives. And thankfully, when we have no other choice but to surrender the illusion of control, we can then experience the presence of something larger and greater then ourselves. We can experience ourselves being flowed in the sea that is life, the sea we are actually apart of. Then with peace and acceptance we can relax and trust that it’s safe to let go.

With special thanks to our team...
MODEL: Brodie Halford
PHOTOGRAPHER: Simone Ainsworth
MAKE UP: Oksana Panteleeva
LOCATION: Phinisi Villa Seminyak
JEWLLERY: Aloha Sparkling Jewels 

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