Tarot Tartan, for us is best described as the ultimate print for those who are obsessed with prints, and a print for those who don't usually wear prints. It just captures everyone! Its sophisticated, strong yet soft... a perfect balance. We wanted to do something really special for our first collection, to illustrate in this print the emotion and the journey in which Seamone has traveled to get here. Tarot Tartan was designed by our Swimwear Designer Simone. Taking a traditional check and transforming it with romantic rose layers. Our first collection Black Rose is inspired by the punk movement, with nostalgic inspiration from the bands, musicians and idols we grew up admiring. This was not an easy print, in ways condrating! How can you explain in words a print that is dark, perhaps grunge... yet elegant and beautiful. Tarot Tartan works so well with our Ink Black and Envy Green, that we are finding customers who are anti mix-matchers... mixing and matching! And that makes us so content, because we are here to challenge our customers engraned styles and their comfort zones in regards to how they wear swimwear. Tarot Tartan works just as well off the beach as it does on... sexy under a crisp white shirt, it defiantly enhances denim and adds irresistible interest to an all black outfit. We are so delighted with the final result, and cannot wait to introduce more unique prints in our future collections. We thought we would share some questions and answers that our designer has received recently in regards to our debut print. Feel free to add any additional questions you have in the comment box below.

We are really interested in this print design, how would you describe Tarot Tartan?

S: Tarot Tartan, is rebellious. It says, 'I can be feminine in my own way!' I feel it just has an attitude that is strong and I hope it empowers the women who will wear it. I wanted to do something a bit edgier then the typical bikini floral. When I was designing it, I actually had Meryl Streep's voice in my head saying "florals for spring?... groundbreaking" and it made me nervous because this is the first print I have ever designed. When my confidence grows, I really want to step out of the norm, when it comes to the bikinis and prints I design in the future. So I guess for me personally I would describe Tarot Tartan as an insight into my potential, as the word 'tarot' suggests.

From the 'Black Rose' collection, what style do you love the most in Tarot Tartan?

S: Defiantly our PATTI corset style bikini top is my favourite piece in Tarot Tartan, I actually couldn't get the image out of my head of this style when I was designing this print. I had my heart set on wearing this top in Tarot Tartan to a concert, even before I had received our production, so I got our factory to make one up for me especially for the occasion. I love the fact I could wear this print out with jeans and my converse, then go straight to the beach the next morning for a swim in it! For me versatility is so important with my lifestyle, Im still in my 20's and need multifunctional pieces that are going to support my wild adventures. 

Do you have any advice, for women who don't usually wear prints, who perhaps want to start experimenting? 

S: I have a huge admiration for prints, I see so many devine prints and love outfits that clash prints! However I personally don't usually wear prints!  I know a lot of people find that crazy... That my style could be considered boring and plain. I'm just more attracted to textures and creating interest with assessories over block colours. I'm not a girly girl, and feel most prints out there are very feminine, so I rarely find prints that express my rock and roll personality. So it was actually a real challenge for me to design a print. I wanted to design a print that even non print wearers like myself would wear. I don't really have advice on experimenting with prints, because I'm in the same boat! 

We want to know what is your greatest source for inspiration, and who inspires your style?

S: I think my inspiration must first come from within myself, being open enough to appreciate my life, the world and the people around me. Without gratitude I believe you will blind to inspiration. Im a very sensitive person, so I'm drawn to anything with emotion or depth, that be a song, or a place, or a culture, or a person... In regards to my style, I'm not a big trend follower, I prefer timeless style. Patti Smith is one of my fashion icons, also Bianca Jagger who where both just themselves. I also have a lot of respect for Vivienne Westwood as a designer, she actually blows my mind. Viv does a lot of tartan and plaids, so I guess Ive taken that inspiration and untraditionally merged it into my swimwear.

Do you have any advice for other women, who want to pursue their creative passions and perhaps feel scared? 

S: I've always been a creative person, Im extremely visual in the way I live. Always experimenting in many ways to express my ideas. I think that creative people rarely say they can't do something. I would never say, I can't design a print, I can't make a pattern, I can't start a fashion label, I can't create a website... what ever the brief... A creative person would never say no, they would say I'll give it a go! And thats exactly what I have done with Seamone, just found the courage to give it a go and stay positive through the process. So my advice to others is just be a 'yes' 'I can' person, never judge yourself, if you don't know how to do something, teach yourself, ask questions, practice and take the chance on it. 


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