Seamone Swimwear Pty Ltd (ABN:41 091 094 774)

Work From Anywhere....Anytime! Be your own boss with this easy to run online retail business... that has massive appeal to the target market. Sell stunning swimwear from your laptop! Online sales for fashion and swimwear products is ever growing internationally, so you'll have an excellent opportunity to grow this business and take it in a whole new direction. Every little detail has been taken care of so all you have to do is continue the marketing and start considering the next collection of your dreams. We will connect you with all the contacts and manufacturers for Seamone, and hold your hand the first 3 months of handover. With very low overheads, and the option to operate this business from your home, there is no need to relocate or find a very big space at all. You'll love the freedom and creative lifestyle that this business will provide for you. For the same amount it would cost to purchase a new car... why not invest in something that you can make profit from! 

Our beautiful website is available to meet a new owner and lover of swimwear in 2019. Deemed one of the "most beautiful" websites by our customers and ranked in the top 12% of Shopify stores launched on the same date, this relaxed and genuine online oasis... is a swimwear paradise. With the highest attention to detail and pixel perfect navigation, this website took about 4 months to reach this level of quality with a development value of $8000. This stunning online boutique is a comfortable place to shop and experience the highest level of customer service.

  • Professionally designed luxe style, high fashion website with layout and coding done by a qualified graphic designer with extentions done by a qualified Shopify Expert between 2018 and last updated March 2019.
  • Includes unique Domain name, and registration. (subscription based)
  • Shopify customised website platform host. With handover tutorial. 
  • Includes home page, social links, information including shipping and returns, sizing chart, philosophies, shop and journal. 
  • Integrated inventory, afterpay, privacy policy and terms. linked to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. strong SEO.

All ownerships of all social handles can be handed over if needed. Any accounts that are unneeded will be renamed an remain the property of original maker. We can't even count the number of hours... day and night that have been put into growing our social media presence and posting quality and all original content making its organic audience of very high value. Remembering quality over QTY, we have been extremely proud of our social presence and growth only within a year! We expect and have calculated with consistent posting that Seamone will more then double in followers and engagement by the end of 2019. Absolutely meaning more direct sales.

  • INSTAGRAM, with approx 6500 genuine followers and 1k weekly views.
  • PINTEREST, with approx 1300 genuine followers and 22k monthly views.
  • FACEBOOK, with approx 300 genuine followers and automated posts.
  • PLANOLY ACCOUNT, (subscription based) with 6 months content included.
  • MAILCHIMP, with our customer database and templates designed.
  • ETSY STORE, already set up, with stock as an extra selling platform.


  • GMAIL has been set up and curated with 3 email addresses that pools into the one inbox. The subscription based mail accounts can be handed over and taken over by new owner when put into new owners name.
  • DHL account is available for handover, to be put in new owners name.

With enough stock available to generate enough profit to reinvest back into the business and future collections, The styles remaining are all available to handover, and don't require alot of storage making this business perfect for anyone ready to work from home online. Basically an indication of what remains is exactly what is featured on the current website. With a full inventory available for viewing to serious buyers. The stock is as described on the product descriptions and in the images. Stock is available for viewing before handover if required. Currently we are selling about 40pc/day at our local fashion markets on a Sunday as well as online sales and through stockists. By purchasing the stock at below cost price... there is potential for huge markups and margins to create more then double the price back. The reviews speak for themselves and with a 0% return rate, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have not one customer complaint or fault... a very rare thing for an establishing business.

  • 1000 pieces of stock including 2018 and 2019 collections at cost price -10%. So ALL STOCK IS 10% LESS THEN ACTUAL COST PRICE/PIECE. Value of swimwear Stock equals approximately $19,000. Approx $68,000 in RRP value. 
  • All packaging including, 1000pc bio-degradable bags and 300 extra swing tags (can be used for next collection). Gift wrapping includes 500 luxe matt black envelopes and 200 branded with comps cards, which should last a few seasons, so no need to restock on stationary for a while. Valued at over $1000

Our exquisite collections are meticulously handmade in the peaceful, nature based island of Bali, Indonesia. Committed to ethical business practices, we truly value our role in the employment and well-being of our local artisans. It is our goal to contribute positively to the staff at our boutique factory and the communities in the area so that we are involved personally as well as professionally in Bali. We recommend that the new owner of Seamone must regularly visit ‘The Island Of The Gods’ through out the sampling process and to over see all the future productions. We have spent countless months setting up communications, hitting the pavement, knocking on doors from dawn to dusk, negotiating and forming our positive factory relationships. We know how hard it is to find quality and also trust when it comes to choosing the right teams. With confidence and peace of mind our new owner will be in safe hands to continue creating beautiful and luxury swimwear with our carefully selected contacts. This trial and error and sourcing process to find the best people in the biz, including travel was v
alued at over $10,000 in development for Seamone.

  • Indonesian Factory/manufacturing supplier details contacts and full introduction. Including 2 swimwear factories, 1 small sewing house and 1 metal smith, also packaging, fabric and swingtag supplier options in Bali. 
  • China stationary supplier details and contact, who can do re-runs of stationary if required in the future, so no need to redesign or hire a graphic designer to do up swing tags or stationary again. They are well priced and have fast turn arounds.
  • Australian and also European Fabric/textile suppliers, including Econyl. 
  • All previous paper patterns and CAD patterns held at factory. Can be used as base for future collections. Also includes grading references and prior collection references. The factory has all prior Tech Packs for reference also.
  • 2020 production support consultation with current designer Simone Ainsworth for an equivalent of 10 hours to help with any concerns regarding collections/design moving forward after handover. This could be a good idea to spend a day or 2 with Simone to go over your 2020 designs and tech packs before you hand over to factory. Consultation valued at $500 (must be used within the first 12 months of handover)

    With more then 30 in-house shoots already shot and thousands of images valued at over $30,000 in creation, models, editing, makeup, styling, marketing and production. All images for Seamone to date including shoots featuring models and also flat lays can remain as content if new owner requires, with enough content remaining on the 2019 collection to last out the rest of the year! So no need to reshoot anything or spend any extra money on content after handover. Then take advantage of our below photography package to kick start 2020 with your first collection as new owner/designer.

    To keep the style and stunning asthetic rolling for the new Seamone owner, included in the sale of the label is the offer of one complimentary photoshoot (Goldcoast) with our in-house photographer Simone Ainsworth valued at $1000. Perfect to use for the 2020 campaign (your first collection as new owner). Includes moodboard, styling and 30 edited high resolution images to be used for website and social media. This one on one day with our current designer/photographer will be an incredible and valuable time to get some behind the scenes experience and to also learn some of our amazing tips and tricks and our go-to's in planing a campaign, finding the right models, locations and other details including hair and makeup. (must be used within the first 12 months of handover and booked through )

    Our databases have been made from scratch and include a competitors 
    database with over 100 worldwide swimwear labels for reference. We have also created a Stockist Database with over 200 worldwide online and brick and mortar stockists contacts... all ready to be emailed at any time with future oppourtunies to stock Seamone Swimwear. Our EXCEL databases have been created for easy access for the fastest updates on what is happening within the industry.  A photographer database, magazine database are also included. Valued at over $1000 in development.

    With over 200 pages of valuable information and over 6 months worth of hard work and industry research in one document, This priceless and original Seamone Swimwear Business plan is a treasure chest of knowledge and is included with the business for a better understanding on what was involved in developing the label from scratch and the ideas and plan for its sustainable future. This plan was professionally and personally put together while working with her mentors when completing a Business Qualification by Simone Ainsworth on the Gold Coast in 2017. The ultimate Bikini Business Bible! Valued at over $5000 in development.

    This listing includes all of the above for the sale of Seamone Swimwear for a total sum of $35,000 ($20,000 cost lying in the stock) with over $75,000 worth of free inclusions (work already established) and a chance to triple the investment back from the stock included. This very low risk and overly fair deal will appeal to an aspiring designer/s, who perhaps does not to spend 2-3 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars working to create and launch a business from scratch and wants to skip all the hard work and just walk into a beautiful already successful and growing business. Suiting someone with little experience in the industry, or someone who wants the freedom to be able to work from anywhere on their own terms. The reason for the sale is based on a new direction our owner is taking as she now wants to invest more time and energy into a new and exciting business venture she has established. 

      OPTION 1:
      For the purchase of entire label; $35,000 (negotiable) including website, socials, $20,000 worth of stock and all backend work to date. This would suit 2 friends (to put in 17.5k each), a couple or a very hard working individual who has wanted to start a business/brand but has not have the time for the long launch/set up process. By taking over Seamone Swimwear which was a huge 2 years in the making before we launched in 2018, the opportunity is there for the new owner/s to walk straight in to continue the business completely as is or change up the branding and aesthetic if desired (new logo/labels/tags). In regards to stock, Seamone has absolutely enough stock to get to the next season. An option could be to re-run/relaunch the current 2019 & 2018 collections again as a new collection in 2020, (back in stock) if designing a 2020 production is too much to fund or to late to start in time for next season. Alot of new labels will rerun styles and colours especially in the swimwear industry, so this will not damage the business. However the chance to jump in and get working straight away with the Seamone suppliers/manufacturers in Indonesia is there with anyone with designs and tech packs ready to go. We strongly recommend production costs for future collections must be considered by new buyer on top of the business purchase. We do see Seamone continuing on its unique journey and hope to see with new ownership more styles, accessories and maybe some collaborative/commission based products added from other labels that compliment the swimwear... like bags, hats, shoes, lotions ect. The possibilities are endless... for an one stop summer shop. 

      OPTION 2:
      This is more of an wholesale opportunity. For the physical purchase of just the remaining SS18 & SS19 stock, 1000pc at under production price; $20,000 including all packaging and tags. This would suit 2 friends (to put in 10k each), a couple, a shop owner or a very hard working individual who has not have the time for the long production process and wants some pieces to add to their brand/business instantly. With the purchase of just the stock, there is no entitlement or access to the current Seamone name/brand/website or socials which will be continued, used or ended to our complete discretion. With the stock in the new owner/s hands there is however an opportunity to double, triple even quaddripple the investment in future sales within 12 months. These pieces can be stocked in any stockists of your choice, if you currently own a boutique and need beautiful high quality swimwear, sold at any local weekend markets (which has been extremely successful for us so far), sell to friends or relabel and start an entirely new brand or add to an existing brand/label. Option 2 can be broken down further, as we are prepared to sell each collection separately. With cost/piece at $20 and the range to sell up to $139/piece there is little risk to make a loss.

      • SS18 | 600PC | $12,000 (negotiable) RRP value $24,00- $36,000
      • SS19 | 400PC | $8,000 | RRP value $16,000- $32,000

      To discuss this opportunity and request more information on owning your own little piece of online paradise please contact us at or by filling out the form below;