Founded on the Gold Coast in 2017 by Simone Ainsworth, Seamone is an independent Australian label born out of a deep admiration for the sea and an equally strong fascination for fashion. Our philosophy is to create luxurious, comfortable and multifunctional swimwear pieces, with an ecological conscience. So that all women may feel sophisticated, sexy and sensual without sacrificing style, nor sacrificing the environment. With a deep and intimate connection to the special places we are free to express and enjoy ourselves wearing swimwear. Here at Seamone we believe that swimwear isn’t just something we wear to serve the purpose of swimming in style…. It’s what we wear, when we are serving our mind, body and souls purpose.
Exuding a whimsical and romantic aesthetic, Seamone Swimwear is designed on the glorious Gold Coast, Australia. Our Patterns are all original and expertly cut in-house, fitted and refitted until the most superior shapes are achieved. Our exclusive prints are either designed by our swimwear designer Simone herself or commissioned through artists she personally admires the most. Our exquisite collections are then meticulously handmade in the peaceful, nature based island of Bali, Indonesia. Committed to ethical business practices, we truly value our role in the employment and well-being of our local artisans. It is our goal to contribute positively to the staff at our boutique factory and the communities in the area so that we are involved personally as well as professionally in Bali. We regularly visit ‘The Island Of The Gods’ through our sampling process and to over see our small limited edition productions. Considering it a second home… we are custom to the traditions, belief systems and grounded way of life on this sacred island. Open to all social, cultural and environmental issues of managing our label both in Australia and Bali. The journey to create each Seamone piece takes patience and dedicated ‘island time’. Religion is an important part of our life in Indonesia and all rituals and celebrations are respected and practiced as a priority, within and around the production of our swimwear. We pride ourselves on the premium quality of our beautiful pieces, and we are very grateful for all the hands and hearts that contribute to making our ideas and dreams into a reality.
We have only just embarked on this remarkable journey and are so inspired to learn more about this industry as we continue to slowly grow. We look forward to promoting the importance of protecting our oceans and shores. We welcome new ways to improve our sustainability. We hope to collaborate with like minded businesses and individuals to make a positive change in the fashion world. Also give what we can back to the environment with a major focus on marine conservation by donating to causes we respect and believe in supporting.