We are so flattered with the amount of interest and compliments we have received in regards to our debut collection. So many beautiful women and men supporting what we do and enjoying our unique story. We are delighted with the positive engagement and comments from all our new followers. We are so happy to answer any important and relevant questions about our brand and what our goals are for the future. We want to receive questions like... How can we help advertise sustainable fashion? How can we help save the environment? How can we promote the importance of recycling? How can we raise awareness on the environmental issues that the fashion industry is creating? These are the questions we will really take notice of and take seriously. We would like to invite ALL of our beautiful followers to represent the Seamone Swimwear values in supporting our small business by shopping with us on our online boutique and promoting the messages we are trying to share in our RESPONSIBILITY to Mother Earth. All of our customers are welcome to use the hash tag #seamoneswimwear or #seamone in any of their lifestyle posts, we would absolutely love to see the new home of our beloved pieces! We would also appreciate to hear any of our customers stories or opinions as one of our main focuses is to create a safe and supportive community for women around the world.

We have been receiving many requests in becoming an official brand ambassador for Seamone Swimwear. After spending some time meditating on the intentions of these requests, what the word 'collaboration' means to us in regards to our goals. With consideration we would like to reply that although we would absolutely love to give out complimentary bikinis to everyone, at this launch stage our business is too small to accommodate all marketing opportunities that reach us. To ensure the sustainability of Seamone Swimwear producing future collections... we would like to pride ourselves as being exclusive and limited edition with the very small quantities of swimwear we are developing. We thank everyone for understanding the difficulties new businesses embark on in the first year of business and we hope to be around for a long time not a short time with a huge gratitude that comes with all Seamone Swimwear purchases. We believe that all our followers can collaborate with us in bringing awareness to the environment... we would prefer to see the number of rubbish collected from beaches rise... rather then the number of followers on our Instagram account. EVERYONE has the power to make change, be an ambassador to the environment and represent our shared ethics in the fashion industry.

As we find our feet over the coming months following our exciting launch, we will definitely be revising our position in possibly choosing official brand ambassadors who are environmental activist. We will be looking not just models but ROLE MODELS. Genuine, inspiring, brave women who's values reflect ours and who are not afraid to initiate change in this world. To represent us and join us on our quest to promote the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry and also promote the message that ALL women are beautiful and perfect just as they are. Our ideal Seamone woman must not only spend a great deal of time in nature but truly value the environment and have a strong passion for the ocean and preserving it. This position will come with a range of incredible perks, further outlined below. This is a huge role in the future of ethical fashion by being an advocate for Seamone Swimwear, and we require thoughtful applications. Please email and submit your details and interest. If we think your authentic nature and will compliment with ours, you'll receive our Ambassador Guide and Contract with the full details of your benefits and position requirements. 


  • Receive a V.I.P. Seamone Swimwear welcome gift pack from us.
  • Receive your own personal product discount checkout code.
  • Receive your own personal free shipping checkout code.
  • Receive Seamone Swimwear event and industry invitations.
  • Ability to guest blog and post, also be featured on our website.
  • Receive future collection previews and private shopping with us.
  • First opportunity to purchase items when we have a sale or pre sale. 
  • Opportunity to be our future collection campaign photoshoot model.
  • Complimentary photoshoot with our photographer styled by our designer.


  • All applicants must be over 18 years of age.
  • All applicants must have public social media accounts.
  • Share content of yourself in Seamone Swimwear on your social media.
  • Tag @seamone.swimwear and hash tag #seamone on your social media.
  • Answer our questions and answer ambassador profile, to be featured on our blog.
  • Share your inspirations and enthusiasm with our growing and like-minded community.
  • Email us high resolution quality images for reposting, we are unable to accept photos taken from mobile phones.

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