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Yasmin Bonnel from the The Creative Issue caught up with our designer Simone to chat about the label and her views on sustainable fashion.

TCI: You have just launched a six-week pop-up shop on the Gold Coast, what’s the idea behind the opening? Could this be a trial for a more permanent store?

Simone: I think so – well it’s in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, so the Quicksilver Pro starts this week and then it’s Easter and the Commonwealth Games. They’ve got the volleyball happening here in Coolangatta and this is my hometown so I just thought it was a good time to showcase the brand and get it out there – especially while there’s a lot of international people around and just see what feedback I get from it all.

TCI: So, what can customers expect to find when they visit the Seamone pop-up store?

Simone: It’s very intimate, quite a small space, and I’ve tried to give it as much of a boutique kind of feel as I possibly could. I wanted to give the customer that experience of a lingerie type boutique – so really helping the customer find what styles suit them and having a comfortable space for them to try the swimwear on.

TCI: You have already launched your debut collection ‘Black Rose’ can you tell me where you drew inspiration for it?

Simone: The debut collection, Black Rose, was inspired by my love of music. I’m a little bit more a rock-punk kind of girl and I found it was hard to find swimwear that expressed my personality. So, I’ve kind of been influenced by colours and more of the dark grungier vibe than I guess other swimwear labels but still keeping beautiful prints and designs. It’s kind of a mix of pretty and punk I guess.

TCI: Can you reveal if there Is a new collection on the way?

Simone: Yes, there will be another collection next summer which I’m starting to design now. It will be a little bit lighter than the current collection, more bright colours, more whites and some new unique styles – maybe a bit more feminine and girly I think. I just design how I’m feeling in the moment, it kind of goes along with my emotions what I feel and design in regard to styles and prints.

TCI: As a designer are you conscious about the labels environmental impact? What do you do to promote sustainability?

Simone:  That’s probably one of the biggest driving forces behind my intentions for Seamone, to share the message on the importance of the environment and just bring more awareness to sustainability in regards to how we, as consumers, purchase products and how we recycle those products as well.

Our swimwear is made from recycled materials and so is our packaging but I want to push it more than just that. I really want to get involved and start a conversation about environmental issues and combine it with fashion and hopefully make some positive changes and educate people a little bit on where their products come from and how they’re made.

I think it’s important and it’s kind of a growing trend at the moment – the consciousness behind the fashion industry, which I think is a really positive thing.

TCI: Being based on the Gold Coast, there are a fair collection of swimwear labels. How do you cut through the competition and differentiate yourself?

Simone: I haven’t really thought about anyone as competition, I acknowledge that there are other swimwear labels doing really beautiful and different things which Is exciting and they’ve been an inspiration for me to feel like I can have a go at doing something I enjoy as well and bring something new to the table.

I think it’s just about going where I think is true to me and maybe not looking at other people as competitors and not paying so much attention to what other people are doing. Just designing for what I like to wear and what I think women would look good in and coming up with new ideas – trying to be innovative with swimwear because it’s hard to do different things.

TCI: What is your long-term goal for Seamone? Where would you like to take it?

Simone: Long term would be to continue the label as a sustainable business and work towards greater sustainability achievements in regards to the fabrics that I use and just different aspects of the business. Especially being based in Australia I want to be as close to my factory as I can, work closely with my team and form really good relationships with my business and my customers.

I would like to keep the business small and just have a nice intimate collection each season. Not mass production, just small quantity, high quality and keep it as a luxury brand – just keep offering something different.

I would love to have a permanent boutique and design bigger collections and a bigger range so that’s probably my biggest goal at the moment.

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