The sun is always shining here in the sunshine state... How blessed we are to live in such an abundant part of the world... We always meditate on the beautiful locations and the attire we will embrace in the warmer weather… However we must also take into consideration our sun rituals, and the safest way to maintain our seasonal glow and keeping our bodies healthy as a priority. In Australia we have been raised to know the do's and dont's to avoid the burn, and yes we have all learnt the hard way when it comes to the sun... such a powerful beacon. Culturally we love that bronzed feel and that Vitamin D hit!.. but minimizing the damage when exposed to such strong rays is always a topic that we must not take lightly. 

Seamone Gil Bottoms.


To ensure that skin is healthy and primed, a good ritual is exfoliating wet or dry once a week, this will remove the dead surface cells and promote the healthy ones underneath to flourish. We adore the NEW Staub Multi Exfoliant & Mask by NAMARI as luxury meets a century-old beauty ritual in this skin transforming blend of Moroccan Rhassoul clay, ground hibiscus blossoms, genuine silver and micro-algae. Activated with water, it turns into a lush purple mousse that boosts circulation, draws out impurities and revitalizes on cellular level to reveal a refreshed and rosy complexion. Also our other favourite is the LEPAAR Mandarin Mecca Coffee Scrub… rubbed from top to toe in circular massaging motions before rinsed off in the shower. This luxurious complex, non-abrasive mix is composed not just to revitalise dull complexion but to to restore lustre and bounce to thighs, butts and face. A deep exfoliation is a great starting point to treat severely dry skin. Coffee grounds are famous for its results in reducing cellulite, decreasing inflammation and also increasing cell turnover. We love to follow a good scrub with a local organic coconut oil all over the body. 

While its a treat to have soft and smooth to touch skin, we can go a few layers deeper and consider our facia and lymphatic system… Dry body brushing has been around for centuries by many cultures as a traditional practice. To stimulate the circulatory system by increasing blood flow to the heart. Brushing up towards the heart will help you feel a bit more energised and helps the body detoxify. Cellulite is stored toxins in the body and we absolutely can break these down so they are eliminated in the bloodstream and out of the body. Adding this small step into our ritual, makes the world of difference. Not only a beautiful feature displayed in our bathroom… Our handmade Shuro Body Brush… is lovingly hand-crafted using only carefully-selected windmill palm fibers from Wakayama. Takada's body brushes are gentle enough to use directly on the skin. And because no pesticides or disinfectants are used, they're safe for children and the elderly. We believe anything that touches the human body is too important to be left to a machine. That's why we rely on expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, the two essential ingredients that go into every one of our brushes. 

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The time then comes to apply the SPF... with so many options and brands and types offering their versions of 15+, 30 and 50+... We must judge individually what is best for our skin type, the intensity of the sunlight and the duration or exposure to determine the best option. With some chemicals in sunscreen just as harmful as the sun its self... reading ingredients and instructions on the labels and understanding exactly what we are about to put on the largest organ of our body "the skin" is just as crucial to our health. We are all about LEPAAR Elemental Surf Paste. This Organic Zinc Active Outdoor Balm is a next level, hard wearing 100% oil and beeswax based paste fortified with 18% non-nano, uncoated mineral Zinc. Helps strengthen and support your skin's natural defence, balance heat/cold elements, and  combat environmental stress. Deeply hydrates and locks in moisture for women and men of all skin types  and all ages. Benefits element-beaten, environmentally-challenged, toxin-overloaded skin. With a great sun shield at hand, its up to us to use it wisely. So you’re protected the instant you walk out the door... its a good idea to liberally apply your cream of choice, top to toe before we even leave the house...  If you don't like the Zinc white Summer look, let it sink in for 5-10 minutes before heading out. Re-apply every two hours and after towelling. This balm can also be worn under foundation or blended with make up if that's your thing, but be mindful that cocktailing dilutes the 18% active Zinc content and diminishes it's potency. 

Seamone Nancy Top.

As the sun can strip skin of moisture and expose us to harmful free radicals… Other things to keep in mind is to always carry a great hat and sunglasses always, and look for fabrics essecially swimwear that offer spf50+… We are obsessed with our Seamone fabrics that microencapsulates skin-nourishing antioxidants including Vitamin E and Aloe vera.... to beautify and soften the skin when it is most needed. This incredible new technology fights the suns effects through deep hydration via antioxidant infusion. The body activates the material, allowing the skin to be hydrated, soft and luminous. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries in ancient medicine, for its healing and rejuvenating properties. As a natural source of polyphenols, which hydrate, nourish and accelerate skin renewal. The miracle plant can soothe sunburns, moisturise the skin and reduces infection. The infusion of powerful beauty antioxidant vitamin E in our fabric helps to protect your skin against environmental pollution and UV radiation. Vitamin E is also known for boosting the production of collagen and repairing damaged skin. The vitamin also contains powerful anti-inflammatory action, preventing the signs of premature ageing.  

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Did you know that sunscreens do not entirely block UV rays... maybe thats why there is no SPF that offers 100% protection out there? We are not all scientists... but its safe to assume that there will always be some harmful rays that get through, no matter how villagent we slip slop & slap. But not all hope is lost... we can always feel safer by adding an extra dimension of protection. By applying an antioxidant serum or antioxidant-rich sunscreen to your skin and allowing it to dry for a few minutes before applying our over all sun protection. We have discovered in our research, this is a smart way to reduce some of the damage caused by the UV rays, because of the plant power found in antioxidants that fight free radical damage. We Honesty love LEPAAR Elemental Day Silk, an ultra silky, 100% oil based daily moisturiser that works with the Sun, not against it. Fortified with 12% non-nano, uncoated mineral Zinc. Sun-infused with hand-crafted botanical extracts, cold-pressed seed oils and steam distilled essential oils, mindfully chosen for their intensely renewing, protecting and hydrating properties, as well as their powerful antioxidant, free radical neutralising, UVA/UVB absorbing capabilities. This step in our sun skincare ritual strengthens and supports your skins natural defence, balances heat/cold elements, helps combat environmental stress, deeply hydrates and locks in moisture. Energetically, this gold-charged, Ylang Ylang infused daytime silk regulates the central nervous system and adrenaline flow, so is a fantastic balancer of extreme conditions: hot/cold, high/low, rage/euphoria, panic/sluggishness, obstinacy/submissiveness, etc. Boosts low self esteem, lowers blood pressure, calms nervous tension and deflates stress. 


Heat also causes skin damage so keep as cool as possible by sitting in the shade or taking regular dips in the water to regulate your body temprature. Actually Water should be our best friend in summer…Empire of the Sun Biophotonic Glass Water Bottle, is glorious. Raise a glass to the Sun with this UVA/UVB light filtering drink water bottle, featuring Johanna's hand-applied 22 karat gold leaf Sun. No two bottles are ever the same, and your water is not only protected from pollutants, heavy metals and pathogens, but charged with the divine vibration of the Sun. German made Miron glass blocks out all the complete spectrum of light apart from the good vibration UV (Violet) light which charges your water with 'qi' (life force) energy through the walls of your drinking bottle. Proven to preserve your drinking waters freshness and balance its alkalinity. Fill your water bottle with filtered water and stand in direct sunlight for an hour to allow UV rays to energise the water. Perfect high vibration accessory for Summer, and, unlike copper water bottles, the water stays healthy and alive, even when exposed to heat. Biophotonic (or violet) glass allows only violet, ultra-violet and infra-red rays to pass through it. It works as a natural filter blocking the complete spectral range of visible light with the exception of violet light. This unique property filters out the damaging range of light allowing only the beneficial light to penetrate. The valuable light improves the quality of substances in the bottle thus lengthening the durability and potency of premium and sensitive products without the addition of preservatives. Violet light has the highest frequency of any visible light (720-770 billion Hertz). Recent research has determined that this frequency permanently activates and energises the molecular structure and healing energies of substances held within dark violet glass by keeping it firmly contained. This frequency is also the same resonance as the human nervous system.

Seamone Donita bottoms.

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