For me Bali is one of those places I really struggle to describe, its hard to put in words what this place means to me. I can say its a beautiful, exotic and a creative place for sure. Yes it ticks all the pleasure and leisure boxes, its scenic and cultural, everything you could want in a destination. However I think what I love about this island the most is the movement, the flow of everything working in synchronicity. Everything here moves like water around stones. There is defiantly a force, a power here that you can feel if you are open enough for it. Its renewing, its inspiring, its healing, its feminine, its love, its peace. People do throw the word energy around willy nilly, but I’m the type of person who says what I mean and I mean what I say… The energy here is like magic I’ve never experienced anywhere else in the world. So when people say to me "why are you going back to Bali, why don’t you travel somewhere new?" I just say "I don’t know" … I don’t have the answer to that, I guess I’m just pulled here, drawn here like a magnet, it just feels like I’m coming home.
I believe that travel isn’t about quantity and how many places you can brag about going to, the diversity of your instagram feed or ticking places of a bucket list, its about the quality of the experiences you have within yourself. I come here and I'll keep coming back here because, something takes over me here, its greater then myself. My mind becomes clearer, my conciounous is higher, my nature is softer, my heart feels more open and all of this happens automatically with out trying, without force… I have found my soul place, my ego seeks nothing more then the person I am here. I have huge respect for this island and I’m blessed to be able to come here and to accept all the gifts on offer. Combining everything I love into one month. Nature, food, yoga, meditation, music, pamper, family, friends and of course fashion. I am so lucky to be back here working on Seamone. Our swimwear is authenticity handmade with a human connection here in Bali, and I am proud to say that. I couldn’t imagine working in a more amazing place. Committed to ethical business practices, I personally value Seamone's role in the employment and well-being of our local artisans. Religion is an important part of life in Indonesia and all rituals and celebrations are respected and practiced as a priority, within and around our production. It is my goal to contribute positively to the staff at our boutique factory and the communities in the area so that I may be involved personally as well as professionally in Bali. The journey to create each Seamone piece takes dedicated time. With the value of human touch I am very grateful for all the hands and hearts that are contributing to making my ideas and dreams into a reality on this production trip.
I hope with the success of Seamone I am able to spend more time here, perhaps find love, build a home and live here! There are so many places and traditions I want to learn of and discover. Always an abundance of new and inspiring people to meet, It is defiantly the place you want to come to chase your goals, this island has always pushed me towards my higher purpose... This feels like the first chapter of a new book  and I can't wait to share more of my personal stories and upcoming journeys from this island of the gods, on the Seamone Lifestyle blog in the near future. I initially thought I'd do a cliche blog post, on all the fancy places I would eat in Bali, all the surreal locations I would visit… upload a few edited photos of myself in a bikini with my acai bowl… promote the dream lifestyle…. list my top 10 things to do and see, talk about my outfits… Sorry if you where expecting that. I'm pretty much sitting in a $30 a night hotel, attached to my computer, working on Seamone, eating nasi goring for breakfast lunch and dinner, in my pyjamas and I couldn’t be happier! Maybe next time I will do a proper travel blog... but here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure regardless.
TERIMA KASIH, Founder & Creative Director of Seamone, Simone xx

a person lying on the grounda person lying on the grounda person lying on the ground

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