The History of the trident is fascinating, a common symbol in so many different cultures, religions, and mythological stories. When I was designing our logo I wanted to incorporate a symbol that meant something to me, also to remind me who I am, where I come from and not loose sight of my goals. For me the trident is a shape that is constantly appearing around me in my life, I believe its a very strong and sacred sign. As Seamone is essentially an extension of myself, it was just natural to include the trident when I was sketching up the original ideas for our branding. 

I'm a text book Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune. I have a very strong astrological connection and astrology makes sense to me. I have found so much valuable information about myself and others through studying the stars, moons, sun and planets. I enjoy learning about the unique traits, and I love to guess strangers star signs! The glyph for Neptune is of course the trident. The trident is also the result of the connection between two symbols, one that depicts the semicircle of the soul sitting on the cross of matter, so that the top of the cross becomes the middle and third prong on the trident. This represents the need for the human form to work through the trinity of body, mind and soul in order to achieve enlightenment or nirvana. Which is something I practice in my personal yoga and meditation. With Seamone I believe that swimwear isn’t just something we wear to serve the purpose of swimming in style…. It’s what we wear, when we are serving our mind, body and souls purpose, so including the trident in our brand resembles that aspect.

Another connection of the trident and the planet Neptune is found throughout mythology. The god of the seas has had many names; to the Greeks he was known as Poseidon who traveled the world with his war chariot of seahorses. Zeus gave him his realm and an island to live on. Upon this island were three women, with whom he had many sons, one of which was Atlas. This is thought to be where the name of the Atlantic Ocean derived and where the myth of Atlantis originated. Similarly we all know the Romans named the god of the seas Neptune! These sea gods are always depicted holding a trident, with their power to create new oceans, rivers, earthquakes and tsunamis. Neptune’s oceans are of feelings and emotions. A celestial musician who plays his music and lulls sailors into false passage, the myth that the sirens grows from his tunes. Neptune also rules the dreams, the unconscious, and the world of unreality or fantasy. He also presides over the spiritual aspects of life, the ethereal side of human nature that is felt, but not seen, such as intuition, dreams, inspiration, mystical experiences. I personally find these ancient stories really beautiful in the way that they illustrate this world and other worlds, even so relatable in this modern time. Seamone is born out of a deep admiration for the sea, the symbol of the trident reminds us that the ocean is powerful, we should respect it and do all that we can to preserve it.

Throughout my yoga practice and philolosophy teachings, I have have also become familiar with the Hindu legends and stories of Shiva the Supreme Being and The Great Yogi. A God who holds the Trishula (trident) and possibly the original inspiration for the greek and roman gods Poseidon and Neptune. In Hindu religion, the three points of the Trishula have various meanings and significance. They are commonly said to represent various trinities— creation, maintenance and destruction; past, present and future. Shiva uses this sacred weapon to fight off negativity in the form of evil villains. Shiva is both the "destroyer and transformer" who creates, protects and transforms the universe. Shiva and Yoga spirituality helps one look beyond, understand interconnectedness, and thus benefit both the individual and the world towards a more blissful state of existence.

So in conclusion, the trident really represents a tool as an extension of ones inner self. It was never the trident that was powerful, it was really the person who holds it. Seamone like the 3 spears of the trident has a past, present and future, just as all business do. I hope to use this swimwear label as a tool to combine my past experiences to fulfil my creative passions, be more in the present and conscious of my impact on the environment and those around me and to hopefully make a positive contribution on the future of the fashion industry at the same time fight to protect and save the oceans. 

Founder & Creative Director of Seamone, Simone xx 

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